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Memphis Investment Properties'


Join us for a two day event where we share our trade secrets and talk with famous influencers in our industry 
- Absolutely Free!
* only 5 spots left for this event *

September 19th & 20th

starts at 11am CST each day
00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Only 5 Spots Left

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2020 Sofa Summit

Are you ready to become a passive income MACHINE?!

September 19th & 20th we are hosting the FIRST-EVER...Sofa Summit.

We’re gathering a real estate investing ensemble of...famous influencers, thought leaders and industry experts to discuss the tricks of the trade and share their personal investing secrets.

 We will be covering a range of topics to benefit every level of investor, from the first-time investor to the seasoned veteran. 

If that’s not enough, this two-day, virtual event will give you the boost you need on your investment journey, FREE, from the comfort of your living room.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

What You Will Learn

Why Real Estate
We will discuss Real Estate Investing and why it is the most lucrative form of passive income strategies.
Out-of-State Investing
We will discuss out-of-state Real Estate Investing pros and cons, as well as why the Memphis market is a hot buy.  
How to Scale your Portfolio
We will discuss how to grow your portfolio and the steps it takes to become a passive income MACHINE.

Saturday, September 19th

Live Stream starting at 11:00 am CST

  • Invest in Yourself 
    Sean Tagge 
  • Financial Freedom in 10 Years or Less
    Ryan Lee & Brad Gibbs
  • Investing Out-of-State
    Mark Hart
  • Finding the Perfect Lender
    Aaron Chapman
  • Real Estate Tax Loopholes
    Chris Picciurro
  • How to Grow Your Retirement Account to $1M
    Ramez Fakhoury
  • Should You BRRRR or Turnkey? Creating a Personal Budget
    Greg Iverson
  • The CEO of BiggerPocket's Personal Investment Strategy
    Scott Trench
  • A Word From Jim Reedy
    Jim Reedy

Sunday, September 20th

Live Stream starting at 11:00 am CST

  • Out-of-State Investor Interview
    Steve Guitierrez
  • A Hoarder House Walkthrough - Property Acquisitions
    Eric Hobbs
  • A Class Property Deep Dive
    Mark Hart & Sean Tagge
  • B Class Property Deep Dive
    Mark Hart & Sean Tagge
  • C Class Property Deep Dive
    Mark Hart & Sean Tagge
  • How We Bought Our First Apartment Syndication
    Sean Tagge
  • A Word from Brad Reedy
    Brad Reedy


Featured Speakers

Scott Trench

CEO, BiggerPockets

Jim Reedy

Owner, Memphis Investment Properties

Ryan Lee

Owner, Cash Flow Tactics

Sean Tagge

COO, Memphis Investment Properties

Chris Picciurro

CEO, Integrated Financial Group

Aaron Chapman

Loan Officer, Security National

Mark Hart

VP of Sales, Memphis Investment Properties

Greg Iverson

Branch Manager, Delmar Mortgage

Ramez Fakhoury

VP, IRA Club